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Our company, that have established in 1968, is serving to metal treatment industries by improving product range.


This is our main duty to thank and send our good wishes to our customers that did not forget us and that always trust us.


We introduce shortly our services and products by this web site. We, as DEDE KİMYA will be glad to serve for all your commercial and technical problems.


We, by the responsibility of being one of the oldest supplier to metal plating industry and away from daily thinking but always setting long term business collaborations that makes us the market leader, put our efforts to show you the best possibility. We are awaiting for your critics to improve ourselves.


We are using many goods that their surface is coated by electrolytic methods in our daily life. Just some examples; lightening devices, taps, locks, door handles, bag, belt, and shoe buckles, pins, paper clips, screws, bathroom fittings, necklaces, earrings, furniture handles and some hundreds more. The purposes of the platings on these materials are to give resistance against corrosion and abrasive media and to give a nice looking. The excellence of the plating layer is depending on the right composition and application of the plating chemicals. This is the point that our mission starts. During the start up of the plating like the most important level is to serve the right chemical processing and the best technical support.


In the modern plating lines all process steps should be based on quality, environmental protection and guarantied production. Safety, economy and environmentally friendship should be the basics of the improvement of a plating line. Because of all these reasons, right chemical, right plating line and right chemical processing should meet. This will be our honor to guide you to right and good business.


All together we hope to reach the best points.


Best Regards


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