Correct Choice for Surface Technologies
  • Customer cooperation with solidarity
  • High quality and performance guarantee for the products that we developed or imported
  • High range of products with completed production processes
  • Superior saving stemming out of a perfect performance meeting with lower costs
  • Customer focused and quick services, emergency solutions
  • Technical superiority on processing fields
  • Minimum effect on the environment with recyclable products
  • Products that formulised and produced with analysable and harmless materials

Harmless industrial cleaning chemicals for all metals and metal applications, which are produced with the latest technologies and with the formulation of biological fragmentation

Zinc coats with perfect metal distribution that does not contain alkali cyanide; ful design (automatic process control) consisting undissolving anot, catalysis covered zinc generator

Recyclable modular cleaning systems with surfactant components and materials

Three valenced passivasion systems which does not contain carcinogenic and toxic ingredients for zinc and zinc alloy coatings

Cleaning and pickling chemicals, inhibitories, additions and passivasions for steel industries

High performance decorative coating processes, cyanide free copper coating, high shining and levelling acidic copper, half shining nickel, low voltage shining nickel and chrome coating with micro cracks

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