Our analysing device capacity

Atomic Absorption Spektroskopy Used for analysing the ppm level of metals (Fe,Zn,Cu,etc.,) in bathing.

Thicness of coating (as micron), and metallic values in the bath ( g/lt) are measured .

Gas Chromatography is used for analysing organic volatiles. (Like alcohol, benzene,toluen )

Salt test equipment
Tests are made according to ASTM B-117, DIN 50021 AND ISO EN 9227 standards. With this equipment coating quality is measured. White and red rusting periods of coated materials calculated.

PG Stat
Potansiostat-galvanostat equipment is used to characterise process working.

Thin layer chromatography equipment is used in qualitative analyses.

Chloride Assigning Equipment
It is used for analysing chloride in coating baths.

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography . Used for qualitative and quantitative analyses of organic materials.

Spectrum photometer
Used for analysing metallic values in process solution.

Other Equipments
pH meter, Digital refractometer, Shining meter, Hull cell equipment, Heater. Etüv

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