New technology
  • new technology alternative to Zinc Phosphate and Iron Phosphate for under paint applications
High Quality Paint
  • Very good paint adhesion ability
  • Provides high corrosion resistance (higher than 500 hours)
Ease of Application
  • Deionized water is not a must
  • Can be applied at low temperatures (25-35 °C)
  • Application time is very short (30 sec)
  • Does not produce sludge
  • Long bath life time
  • Can be applied spray and dip
  • Creates a visible layer on the surface
Multi-metal application ease
  • Iron, galvanized (electro - Dip), zinc and aluminum surfaces can be applied,
  • New technology is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and conforms to environmental standards.
  • Does not contain phosphate, zinc, nickel, manganese, nitrite, nitrate, hydroxylamine, Hydroxilammoniumsulphate
  • Waste treatment procedure is very simple
  • The sludge that is treated from waste stream is 50 times less than zinc phosphate waste
  • Meets with RoHS, WEEE and ELV regulations

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