Electrophoretic Lacquer

110 Molclear Electrophoretic Lacquer Coating Technical Advantages

  • provides 500 acetone double rubs.
  • Plating thickness can be adjusted easily.
  • Inspite of various sub-materials, provides high corrosion resistance.
  • possible to get metal like color without plating any metal.
  • By Post-dye system, it is possible to coat both transparent and different colored lacquers through a single electrophoretic lacquer tank. Also it is possible to add the dye in the lacquer solution (in dye system) to make dyed parts.
  • No color change after curing.
  • Especially on large scale coating lines by post dye system, it is possible to achieve homogeniously distributed colors.
  • Applied post and in dye products are resistant to ultraviolet.
  • Due to its low curing temperature, especially thin aluminum and zamak based products does not get damaged by means of mechanical toerances. This low curing temperature advantage results out also less rejection rate
  • Because of special solvent combination, prior to curing the parts does not catch and dust on.
  • The ideal solvent - resin combination, prior to curing, it is possible to touch the parts gently resulting out no fingerprints after curing.
  • Analytical control system, ease of operation are available.
  • Under urgent cases, it possible to put in and run the lacquer solution without any prior treatment.
  • Both in dyed and post dyed parts show excellent adhesion to base metal.
  • Because of low curing temperature, the rack, jig protecting organic layers does not get damaged. So there is no need to change the racking after metallic plating to lacquer the parts.
  • Electrophoretic lacquer-coated components are resistant to scratches. Lacquer layer have 4-5 H pencil hardness.
  • Low operating voltage (35-40 V) is more secure thanks.

Economic Benefits of Electrophoretic Lacquer Plating

  • Economic process,
  • The unit price of the product is economic.
  • Because of its high corrosion resistance and high double rubbing acetone test values, it is possible to coat less thickness.
  • The curing temperature is 120 - 150°C
  • Curing at a lower temperature furnace operation, provides 30-50% reduction in energy costs.
  • By the post dye system it is possible to coat many different colors with a single rectifier, one Ultrafilter, one lacquer tank and the post dye stations. This advantage decreases the first investment and operating costs.
  • Solvent consumption is low.
  • Lacquer is coated with high efficiency (over 90%), that improves the economy.
  • By the help of our technical support, you can run with 100 % efficiency by closed-loop rinse system.

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