Plating on Plastics


Contains chromic acid resistant wetting Liquid and viscous additive Creates an evenly distributed foam layer on the surface to prevent he output of gas from Chromic acid bath. Homogeniously wetting results out homogeniously etching. Reduces surface tension Even at low concentrations Lowers Chromic acid consumption


Liquid additive  Reduclair six-valence chromium from chromic-sulphuric etch

Activator ABS

Activates the pre-treated ABS Low Operating costs Excellent stabilizer High efficiency; 1 liter product of 1200 m 2 surface can be processed.

Accelerator (PD)

Activation used after Palladium activation. Include acidic salts Increases the speed of the electroless nickel coating. Avoids the impurities coming from Sn / Pd catalyst to electroless nickel

Electroless Nickel

Alkaline electroless nickel plating process Also acidic version is available Wide operating temperature range, can operate even at low  temperatures Fast and makes a homogeneous plating. Layers have good conductivity Gives excellent results on the plastic  and non-conductive parts. 

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