Decorative Nickel-Chrome Plating Process

Bright Nickel Plating Process

High levelling Nickel Brightener
Excellent brightness and whiteness Nickel carrier  / corrector
Chrome plateability Nickel wetting agent
Low labor cost Nickel-leveller
  Nickel precipitant

Semi-Bright Nickel Plating Process

Ideal corrosion potential comparing to bright nickel Semi-bright nickel carrier
Economic Process Semi-bright nickel
Chrome plateability Semi-bright nickel-wetter
Low labor economics  

Satin Nickel Plating Process

Homogeneous satin layer Satin nickel brightener
Economic process Satin nickel corrector
Good adhesion to base metal Satin nickel carrier
Good chrome plateability  
The adjustable satin effect  

Black Nickel Process

Decorative anthracite finish Make-up salt
Suitable for rack and barrel blackening additive
Scratch-resistant plating  
High ductility  
Washing chemicals resistant  
Easy application at ambient temperature  

Decorative Chrome Plating Process

Ambient temperature operation Chromium sulfate catalyst
Easy control Chromium fluoride catalyst
Low catalyst consumption Chrome foamer
High covering power  
Low expense on energy and heating  
Low labor cost

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